The little lights slowly began to move in closer. Anja sat very still. Then one by one, they landed gently on the grass right in front of her. Now she could see them clearly. They definitely weren’t fireflies. They looked like beautiful tiny children with slender bodies and iridescent wings like those of a dragonfly. They glowed with a soft light and their eyes twinkled like stars. Anja could hear them giggling— their tiny voices like hummingbirds.

Fairies! Anja thought. Real fairies, right here in my back yard!

“I knew it! Anja said aloud, “You are real.”

“Of course we’re real,” said the pink fairy.

“Real as you are… I think,” said the golden yellow fairy to Anja.

“Whaddya mean, you think?” argued the blue one.

“I think, therefore I’m real,” answered the golden yellow fairy proudly.

“Well how do we know that she’s real?” asked the green one, pointing at Anja.

“Because she’s sitting right there!” said the orange fairy.

“Maybe you’ve just imagined her” said the white fairy.

“Then how can we all imagine the same thing?” asked the purple fairy.

“Happens all the time,” said the green one, “especially to them”, He pointed at Anja again, who thought that it was a little impolite. However, she was still amazed to find herself in the middle of a fairy argument.

“OK, we’re all real!” Anja exclaimed. “Now,” she said, “My name’s Anja. Who are you?







The fairies took turns introducing themselves.

“I’m Twinkle” said the white one.

“I’m Wink”, said the purple one.

“I’m Whiff” said the blue one.

“I’m Sniff,” said the pink one.

“The name’s Pucker”, said the green one.

“Wisp”, said the orange one.

“Just call me Ella”, said the golden yellow fairy.

“Ella? Is that really a fairy’s name?” asked Anja.

“Short for Elemental, my dear Anja,” answered Ella.

“Enough talking!” shouted Whiff in his tiny voice, “Let’s play!”

And with that, he shot straight up into the air and started speeding toward Anja’s open bedroom window. The others followed and Anja chased them. Whiff had flown all the way inside while the others sat on the windowsill waiting for Anja to catch up. Ella flew back to Anja and plucked a tiny buttercup from the grass. She carried it like a parasol.

“Come on!” Ella said sweetly, “Show us where you play!”

Ella flew along side Anja until she reached the window. The windowsill was a little too high from the outside for her to easily climb back up, so Anja looked around. She spotted a large empty ceramic pot in the flowerbed. She brought it back and placed it bottom up beneath her window. She carefully stepped up onto it while holding on to the windowsill. The fairies fluttered around her and watched.








“Why doesn’t she just fly up?” asked Sniff.

“She can’t, silly. She hasn’t any wings!” answered Wisp.

“What’s the fun of that?” asked Twinkle.

“I don’t know, but I’m glad I’m not one of them,” said Wink.

“Be nice, now. Maybe she can do things that we can’t do,” said Ella.

“Like what?”

“That’s what we’re here to find out, now isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

Anja finally made it up through her window and back inside. The feet of her pajamas were now quite dirty. Suddenly a deep voice from the other room called, “Sweetie, have you brushed your teeth yet?”

All the fairies scattered into hiding places around the room.

“In a minute, Daddy!” answered Anja.

“All right, then bed time!” called the voice.

“It’s OK,” Anja whispered to the fairies, “That’s just my daddy. He’s nice, but he thinks that you’re all fireflies.”

“Fireflies?!” said Wisp, “Ha! Not very bright, if you ask me.”

“What are these?” asked Sniff while hovering over Anja’s stuffed animals, “and why don’t they move?”

“Those are my friends, well, sort of,” said Anja, “but they’re just pretend.”




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