"It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers."

James Thurber

Q. Where can I purchase collectible quality prints or reproductions of your work?

A. Directly from Bedrick Fine Art Editions, my own self-publishing enterprise.

Q. May I use your images to decorate my personal web site, to make stationary, or other graphic use?

A. As of this year, I have had to change my policy for free use of my work. While it is impossible for me to police every unauthorized use of my art, I can no longer grant permission for its use on personal or commerical websites, stationery, tubes, siggies, or any other form for free personal use. I can not revoke permission to people to whom I have already granted permission in the past, so please spare my mailbox from inquiries about this. Thanks.

Q. May I use your images for a commercial endeavor?

A. Then I require a fee with the amount depending on the nature of the usage. My minimum one-time usage for web page decoration is $100 per image. For multiple use or resale (such as in sets), the fee is $500 per image or a 20% royalty. Also, credit and link as mentioned above will still apply. Of course, this depends on the honor system - which has so far worked surprisingly well. Please e-mail your inquiry.

Q. Do you have a banner that I can use to link to your page from my website?

A. Yes. Just copy, paste, and don't forget to link!


Q. Are you available for commercial illustration work or private commissions?

A. Yes! For long or short term projects, just send an e-mail describing what you need. Also visit the SERVICES page for a complete listing of the different kinds of design and illustration work that I offer.

Q. Are there any originals of your work available for purchase?

A. Yes! Find the list on the SERVICES page. Prices provided upon request by e-mail.

Q. Where did you study?

A. I started with a private painting apprenticeship with the artist, Gage Taylor which lasted for about two years beginning when I was sixteen. Mostly self-taught after that. Please visit my BIO page for complete info.

Q. Where do you get your ideas?

A. Everyone has their own personal tastes for what kind of images they find interesting or appealing. For me (and I suspect for most artists), it is simply a matter of developing artistic themes from those tastes. I also keep an extensive image resource library, which I often use to construct new combinations and compositions.

Q. What sizes are your originals?

A. They vary in size from 16 x 20 to 44 x 66 inches, but most average around 24 x 36 to 36 x 48 inches. See the individual painting descriptions through the gallery thumbnail pages.

Q. What medium do you work in?

A. All of the mythology, landscape, and wildlife images are in oil on canvas or masonite (no airbrush!) The pop icons are all acrylic on board. The animation color keys are airbrush and gouache on illustration board. See the individual painting descriptions through the gallery thumbnail pages. I also work in digital media, creating illustrations and 3D graphics all on the computer.

Q. Do you work with artists' models?

A. Up until a few years ago when I was still doing a lot of original paintings, I worked from photographs that I took of models who were usually close acquaintances first. These days, my lovely wife Freya would rather paint her own pictures than to be the subject of them, since she abandoned her career as a fashion model to pursue a career in art. Which is fine, since I'm doing very different kinds of work these days anyway.





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