The Promises


The Promises are a family of dreamers and romantics, who live a little south of Cloud Nine. They exist for life's magical moments and commit to all the spoken and unspoken pledges they have given each other.

Now, in a fast-paced world of high-technology, communication breakdown and misplaced values, The Promises want you to take a moment to remind you to honour your loved ones. The Promises remind us all of the greater good - the simple things that cost little but amount to a rich life of love and happiness. 

Be inspired to follow their example...

The first book opens with heartfelt promises of romance when a nameless couple fall in love and become the promises they make one another. Subsequent books center on the pledges made between different members of their enchanting family.

Be present to each book you give and receive and your world will change, as you strip away the cloud of 21st century clutter and fill your heart with passion, love and hope.

The inspirational book series reminds the reader that every promise is sacred and special, and should never be taken for granted. It's a treasure chest of truths.

Let The Promises engage, delight, and encourage you to exchange vows with the people that are so important in your life. This is a gift book that is meant to be given to everyone to whom you would want to make a special promise.

Artist/illustrator Jeffrey Bedrick has captured the heartfelt innocence and elegant simplicity of New York Times bestselling author Brittney Ryan's touching and inspired promises in his eye-catching, colorful illustrations, which remind us of cherished, bygone days.

The ten-book Promises project reteams Brittney and Jeffrey, who collaborated on 'Holly Claus, The Christmas Princess' for Harper Collins. Together, they create magic as they capture the essence of the most powerful promises that at first seem childlike and fanciful, but quickly become so much more...

Read on and let The Promises spirit you away to a world that exists in the mind's eye.



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