Hotmail and the integration of Cortana in your applications

By | January 28, 2020

The virtual assistants and artificial intelligence  charge every day more importance when it comes to technology. Every day the devices are better; In addition to allowing a large number of new actions to be carried out, they contribute with the part that cannot be obtained on paper.

Artificial intelligence is that  aggregate that brings something  that is not given by the technical details that can be found on paper. This add-on is what is called the  “intelligence” that devices have today and it opens up a range of options for people who are looking for something more on their phone, computer or desk.

Currently the most famous or popular technological terminal is the Smartphone and continues to expand massively in society.

For these reasons, companies are increasingly interested in adding this component called artificial intelligence to their equipment. Then, gradually, we saw the Google Assistant, Siri for Apple and now Cortana  for Microsoft.

Microsoft’s presence  on smartphones  is almost nil and with Cortana it would increase its share in them. This leads the company to make decisions such as placing its virtual assistant in its own applications, such as Hotmail or Outlook, its own e-mail service and which is as popular as the Smartphone.

What is Cortana?

Hotmail and the integration of Cortana in your applications

Cortana is a  virtual type assistant that was developed by Microsoft.   And this is based on the character that bears the same name as the HALO video game series.

Cortana started on Windows Phone 8.1, then Microsoft Band, and later on Windows 10, also on Xbox One. As a standalone program, it is now on iOS and Android.

This wonderful assistant  recognizes the natural language without the need to use any specific command , its databases are Bing, Foursquare and Yelp.

It is the first virtual assistant that allows developers to integrate with it using their applications via voice.

Among its  functions , the following can be mentioned:

  • Open apps
  • Search for all phone
  • Create, enable or disable alarms
  • Create notes (save them to OneNote)
  • Music playback functions
  • Call some contact
  • Show current location
  • Conduct internet searches
  • Predict sports results based on statistics

Cortana  is really a personal assistant , her design is designed to help you with your tasks. From day one, you can already provide some answers and also perform basic tasks.  As good friends , little by little you will meet to be more useful every day.

You can be sure that Cortana will keep you updated on your notices.

Now cell phones can count on Cortana

Now cell phones can count on Cortana

Names like  Hotmail Email or just  Hotmail are among the most sought after and that Hotmail is one of the  most famous email services among the population  . Each day attracts more people, reaches all segments and remains so for many years.

The fact that Cortana is definitely implemented in applications for  mobile devices  is great news for all users. This virtual assistant has already passed the tests, as it was tested among company employees during a prudential period, with excellent results. As soon as it will be amplified to the rest of the users in the world.

Thanks to Cortana , both iOS and Android will have a personal assistant in their Outlook or Hotmail email application, performing actions that assistants on native platforms have not yet reached. Among the novelties is the possibility of reading and replying to emails without touching the cell phone.

Cortana’s Importance for Microsoft

The fact  add Cortana to mobile phones is very important to Microsoft. Not only is it giving users a new service, but it will also be of great help in updating the version and making the service more optimized.

Cortana's Importance for Microsoft

The more users that use this virtual assistant,  Microsoft will be able to improve it leading to recognize voices, sounds, commands and many other things . This is very important for any company, in this case, for Microsoft.

Different companies have applied this method , where through users and the use of applications is improved or updated, especially with regard to artificial intelligence.

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