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By | February 6, 2020

Hotmail is the webmail service of the Microsoft company. In today’s article we will talk about how to access sign in either from your computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Remembering that to enter Hotmail by mobile the user can perform this procedure through the mobile app available on both the Play Store and the App Store.

But anyway we’ll explain to you, too, how to access Hotmail email directly from your device’s mobile browser, ok?




Before we delve into the Hotmail login process we will briefly show how this webmail service came about and how it integrated with the new Outlook service.

First we will make it clear that it was not Microsot the founder of this email service as some may think. That is, this webmail service was founded by two young college students, Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in 1995.

The name Hotmail was strategically designed to include the letters HTML, the language used in the creation of web pages and to focus on this the primary name of this webmail service was HotMaiL, interesting is not it?

Well, in 1997 Microsoft bought Hotmail for $ 400 million and in 2013 decided to unify it with Outlook and have only one webmail service. Therefore, you can now also access your mailbox through, which is nothing more than Microsoft’s new webmail service after unification as explained.

Hotmail login

Hotmail login

Hotmail login

Accessing Hotmail from your computer is very simple, first you need to access the official address through this address here login .

After opening the official page, you must click on the “sign in” link and wait for the page to load.

Once you have opened the login page you must fill in the email and password fields with their respective login credentials and click next to finally enter your email box. Note that in the email field you have the option to enter your cell phone or Skype number instead of email.

If you choose to enter your phone number when accessing Hotmail login you must fill in exactly with the registration number when creating your account. Login Login Login

You can sign in to Hotmail from your mobile phone / tablet using your mobile browser. In this case you just follow the step by step taught above it is very simple.

If you want to access sign in through the official app you need to download the app and install it. Just search for it on the Play Store, App Store, or Windows Store.

When installing the app normally log in to your account to gain access to your mailbox. After the first login every time you click on the app icon it will automatically be taken to your inbox directly from the app.

But if you want to enter your mailbox using the mobile browser just follow the step by step of the previous chapter which is also possible. That is, using a smartphone or tablet you have two options to sign in to your account, be it the mobile browser or the app. The method you choose in this case is up to you.

Hotmail login by phone

If you still have questions about how to access your mailbox check out the video below which explains everything in detail, check out:

It’s easy on this walkthrough, isn’t it? Enjoy and login to your account by accessing the official website following the explanatory video above.

If you still have any questions to enter your email box do not hesitate to contact us by accessing the contact page and sending us an email with your question.

Now that you know how to sign in to your account let’s go to the next topic, which is to show you some features that are available when signing in to your inbox, check out the headline below.

Hotmail Features

The Hotmail login has a range of features to its users. We will list below some of its main features, check out:

– Skype: Currently you do not need to download programs or access a website other than to have full access to your Skype. Just sign in to your email box and click the chat icon in the upper right corner to access this extra feature.

– Calendar / Calendar: Yes, just outside of the previous feature you have a calendar and calendar service included directly in your email box , just log in and access this feature for free.

– OneDrive: With your Microsoft account you now also have an online drive service for saving photos, documents, videos and more. OneDrive offers 5 GB free to its users, if you want more space you can hire paid plans that offer up to 50 GB.

Check out more details at Wikipedia:

Hotmail email



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