Is Hotmail a leader in email services?

By | January 30, 2020

Origin of the “Hotmail” email

Also known under its old name Hotmail, MSN HotmailWindows Live Hotmail  and the  current Outlook, it is the e-mail service owned by Microsoft. When making the transition from Hotmail to Outlook, there were those who chose to keep their Hotmail account and not switch it to the new, and that’s how they are today. Hotmail was the  first webmail service  and was created by Bhatia and Jack Smith, who sold it to Microsoft for a large sum of money.

It acquired a lot of popularity, became the most used email service and grew over the days. Years later,  Microsoft announces that all accounts will be part of, where the email address, password, contacts, old emails and rules for using Hotmail accounts will continue to be maintained, and you can continue sending and receiving emails through the addresses of the old Hotmail, @

Outlook currently offers, and has always offered, over time, a modern appearance, using the latest Windows updates as inspiration, its new appearance allows you to see 30% more messages than the old one. It is important to note that this is a service totally free and independent. Likewise, Outlook eliminates 100% of the image ads that other email services have.

According to data, Hotmail has long remained in the number one position of the largest email service in the world, followed by  Gmail  and  Yahoo Mail  . Being available in 36 different languages. This service also allows you to connect with social networks like Facebook and Twitter, which can be used through it.

Advantages and features of this Microsoft webmail

Advantages and features of this Microsoft webmail

Among its advantages, we can discover that through it you can chat with Skype and Facebook contacts, and offers the possibility to use the Office suite programs for free in the cloud, this is Microsoft’s OneDrive .

Among its other great advantages is the fact that it allows you to upload files up to 300 MB and, finally, it allows you to watch YouTube videos online, without having to leave your mailbox. In comparison to other e-mail services, Outlook or Hotmail, whatever you want to call offers many unique and innovative features for users.

It offers users the opportunity to interact directly with the content and resources in an email message. An example would be the following: When receiving an image or document through an electronic mail, it is possible to view it directly, without the need to download it, through the option “ ACTIVE VIEW ” needing only to click on the attachment to view it, if you want to download click on the down arrow that has the name “download”.

Integration with the Windows Office package service   is another feature. This email brings the integration of Office applications, known as Excel, Word, Power Point … If a user sends files attached like these in the body of the email, the recipient can see this when you receive it without having to download anything at all; the user can open them, edit them and reply to the message, all by email and without the need to open another window or tab. You can upload files that weigh up to 25 GB. That Cool! No?

In addition to the advantageous features, there are conversation topics that allow you to group messages sent and received belonging to the same recipient within the same category, thus allowing you to  navigate more quickly and conveniently within the messages. This option can be activated or not, it all depends on the user’s preferences.

Outlook offers an option called “online cleaning”, which allows users to delete or move a large number of messages to the desired folders. Once this option is completed, the user can, depending on their settings, recover them or not. There is also an option that allows you to delete and / or move messages that have a certain period of time in the email box, or only if you wish to keep the last message from a sender.

Starting the  connection to the cloud , this promises to end the mailboxes overloaded with non-confidential messages, this option allows you to automatically classify emails in different areas to distinguish them according to their content.

So … Is Hotmail a leader in email services?

Hotmail is among the best email services

In conclusion, the aim is to integrate all the services that the user currently uses on a single platform, including the competition. E-mail since its birth has  grown  steadily, without ignoring the fact that social networks come to mean an important competition. This is not a cause for concern for those working to improve email services, as email platforms have evolved and are increasingly incorporating more and more features to help keep users interested.

It can be said that he continues to lead e-mail services, since he is mainly the one who started with all this wave of webmail, but despite this he was not left behind, but has been growing and evolving along with the competition and you nor should you ignore the fact that Hotmail has incorporated many functional options  that allow the user to maintain interest, and the connection to other accounts is either mail or social media accounts. In short, they make life easier for users and the tasks they must perform.

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