Modern email

By | February 1, 2020

Modern email

Hotmail vs Gmail

Electronic mail has been one of the most efficient inventions that man has created, thanks to him it is possible to send and receive e-mails on the Internet, thus facilitating the communication of users. There are many ways to send emails between them, but among these many, there are two of which we will talk about: Hotmail and Gmail.

The Hotmail login account is a free e-mail server, founded in 1995 and was the first e-mail system via the Internet. After being created, it was purchased from its creators Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia by Microsoft, who added it to their MSN network. It later changed its name to Live and today it is known by the name

On the other hand, we have Gmail, which is a type of electronic service dependent on the famous company Google Inc. It provides a free service and has captured the attention of users, thanks to its technological innovations, its capacity and other modern resources it has. It is also known as Gmail in some countries. It turns out that Gmail is one of the most used tools by Google after the search engine.

According to the surveys, the latter is said to have moved Hotmail (now Outlook) from the email server post most used by users in 2012. This was due to the options for security protocols, capacity, cloud storage and customization. In addition, these electronic servers are allied accounts, work together and have incorporated options for importing contacts and messages from one account to another. This is due to the high usage that users give to both and allowing the display of messages from both accounts in only one of them, is one of the benefits that these email service accounts provide to the user.

Import messages and contacts between Gmail and Hotmail accounts

There are two ways to import messages and contacts from one account to another. If you want to  import messages from Gmail into Outlook,  you need to follow these steps:

Hotmail the modern e-mail service

  • Access the Gmail account you should already have and click on the configuration option   .

  • Click the resend and mail tab   .

  • Click where it appears to  add a new email address  . Then enter your or Hotmail email address and click  Next. Don’t forget that it is necessary to confirm your Hotmail account!

  • Don’t close the Gmail tab you’re on. In another tab or window to open the Outlook account you want to add, you should find a Gmail email with a verification code.

  • Then you must place the confirmation code in the window that you must leave open with your Gmail account. After that, click confirm.

  • You should find where you want to keep messages and where you’d like to receive a copy of emails received in your Gmail in the future. Don’t forget to save your changes!

Hotmail email

Likewise, if you  want to send new messages with your Gmail address from your Outlook or Hotmail account,  here’s what to do:

  • In your Outlook account, click on  settings  , located in the upper right corner.

  • Click where it says  Send / receive emails from other accounts  , then click  add account to send emails  .

  • Enter your Gmail address and click  send confirmation message.

  • So you should confirm this as you did previously, but it is now in your Gmail inbox.

And that’s it, it’s easy! Now, when you want to write an Outlook message using your other email address, you can select your Gmail account and send it from there without leaving your account. Likewise, it is important to emphasize that this is a completely reversible step, you can undo it whenever you want.

After implementing this option, it was noted that it would not be very useful without the Gmail address book. Fortunately, a way to incorporate them into your Outlook account is incorporated. So  how do you import email addresses from Gmail to Hotmail?

  • Click the arrow below next to the Outlook logo and choose ”  people  “.

  • Follow the instructions that are well explained there so that you can connect Outlook to your Gmail address book. It depends on the number of contacts in the time it will take to import.

The same can be done in reverse, you   can  also import all of your Hotmail contacts into your Gmail account  . To do this, the following is done:

  • Go to your Gmail inbox.

  • Click on the  settings , then click on accounts and the import  option  .

  • You must click on  import e-mail and contacts , so that later in the pop-up window enter your Hotmail e-mail and password

  • And finally, the box for importing contacts is highlighted.

There, it’s easy to connect your Gmail and Hotmail accounts to facilitate the functionality of both, no matter which is your favorite.

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