What is Hotmail and why use it?

By | February 2, 2020

The Hotmail  was the first  service free email available on the web  . It was founded in 1995 and launched on the market on July 4, 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith, two graduate students at Stanford University, California, United States.

In its beginnings, HoTMail was written in this way, since its capital letters referred to HTML acronyms, which are part of the language used in the creation of web pages.

What is Hotmail and why use it

What is Hotmail and why use it

Origins of Hotmail

The possibility that people could communicate via  e – mails  without being detected, for example, by  Apple computers  , was a great idea. Its founders needed only a few months to complete it and thus revolutionize the market. They were able to bring a simple, secure and free email system to life, which could be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection.

The initial investment required was US $ 300,000. After several unsuccessful meetings with potential investors, one day they met Steve Juvertson, he is a well-known entrepreneur and CEO of venture capital firm Draper Fisher Juvertson.

This investor contributed the required capital in exchange for 15% of the profits that the new company would obtain. Bhatia and Smith accepted and gave origin to their project. Approximately one year after its launch on the market, 4 million people were already users and had their e-mail accounts.

This showed that the world was being revolutionized because communications and the ways of receiving and obtaining information were evolving rapidly. For this reason, its founders knew that companies that dare to invest to help expand the reach and limits of the Web, would lead the Internet.

Origins of Hotmail

The sale of Hotmail to Microsoft

Bhatia and Smith were aware of the potential of their company and the great importance they had to lead and always lead the way.

After 6 months of Hotmail in the market without competitors,  Yahoo appears for the first time! At that time, it was the best search directory on the Internet. This motivated them to make the most of the 6 months of exclusivity they enjoyed and started negotiations with Microsoft, since Bill Gates had shown interest in Hotmail a few months earlier.

At the end of 1997, Hotmail already had 6 million users, and its founders, after several business meetings to reach a purchase and sale agreement, managed to reach an agreement.

On December 31, 1997, Microsoft purchased Hotmail for $ 400 million, which amounted to 2,769,148 shares in Microsoft  , a value that for many exceeded expectations. As of this date, Hotmail already had 9 million users and would continue to grow without any doubt. Today, it has an approach of 360 million users worldwide and is available in more than 36 languages.

Hotmail, the new acquisition from Microsoft

Many changes, both in appearance and functionality, have been made by Hotmail since 1997. The first change occurred when they launched MSN Hotmail, which brought the opportunity for instant messaging over the Web. Then they upgraded it to Windows Live Hotmail and , in August 2012, the company decided to renew it and change its name to Outlook.com.

Why should you use or switch to Hotmail?

Undoubtedly, despite the multiple current options offered by e-mail services, Hotmail was the pioneer and one of the best in the world. Throughout its 20 years of existence in the market, it has undergone several changes that forced it to reinvent itself and follow the demands of users, which go far beyond sending and receiving e-mails immediately.

Its new modern design allows users to connect and synchronize their accounts with Facebook, Twitter and Skype. Likewise, it  works efficiently with Office and OneDrive as a cloud storage service  , making it one of the most used tools for internal business communications.

Allows you to manage and share calendar information. It also has a spam search and filter function and a mobile access that allows you to manage everything related to your email from your cell phone. Regarding security aspects, creating a Hotmail account is very simple, so its administration is generally considered friendly to both technology experts and those who are not.

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