Why use Hotmail and not other email solutions?

By | February 3, 2020

It is known that there are currently several alternatives for people to create e-mail accounts, but  Outlook is the evolution of Hotmail and has been in existence for more than 20 years  and no competition can take away from the fact that it was a pioneer in the area.

The main objective of Hotmail login is to be a means for people to send and receive emails for free, immediately and securely, with a simple to manage interface. It is necessary to emphasize that no other user, besides the sender and the recipients, will be able to intercept or read its content.

More than sending and receiving emailsMore than sending and receiving emails

Everything goes beyond sending and receiving e-mails. Hotmail has been incorporating some extra tools to make its management much more functional and attractive for its users. Among some of them is the   integration of services such as those offered by Office  . For this reason, we have the possibility to create, open and edit Word, Power Point, Excel files, among other formats, without the need to have any program installed.

It has a search engine powered by Bing, from where you can search for information and images without having to sign out of your Hotmail account.

Since Microsoft purchased Hotmail, communication has always been a key element, which is why Hotmail also offers quick access to our contact list and even the web version of Skype, to maintain more dynamic communication with everyone. our friends and family.

Continuing with the list of features offered by Hotmail, we can mention the filtered searches, which allow us to find a specific email that is in our inbox. They can be filtered by categories such as date, importance, senders or recipients.


Hotmail for business

There are many reasons for choosing Hotmail over other email options, one of which is the great versatility it offers for online marketing for companies.

Some companies decide on the option of creating their own internal communication systems to have a tool available that adapts to all types of needs. However, due to the  cost-quality ratio , most prefer to use Hotmail / Outlook because it incorporates interesting features such as:

  • Search:  comes with an integrated search function, which allows you to efficiently find what you need right now.
  • Security features  : Enhanced security features to protect your account from electronic attacks as much as possible.
  • Easy organization : it covers not only sending and receiving e-mails, but you can also synchronize your account directly in the calendar or with your contacts list. Likewise, emails can be organized into folders to handle everything more easily.
  • Connect with others : Microsoft’s calendar allows you an option to share it with anyone you choose.
  • Improved connectivity : Outlook has its own application available for smartphones. Through these you can manage your email without problems and without the need for a computer.
  • Synchronization : Outlook synchronizes with all programs that have Office 365. Likewise, it protects your brand, importing and managing your contacts from platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, in addition to having a large storage capacity in the cloud known as Onedrive.

OneDrive Hotmail

All files created using Office Online will be automatically saved to  OneDrive . Once there, all documents that have been created will be displayed in an organized manner, and offers the possibility to include them in folders. Its particularity is the fact that you can share both your complete OneDrive, so that another user can search for something that interests you or needs it, or the link to a file directly.

This specific function becomes a great tool for sending documents to other people and they can view it without having to download it; It is also useful for personal use, as this way we can have all our files, on various devices, without depending on a USB stick.

Of course, the fact that all of its services are completely free, makes  Hotmail a primary option for choosing this platform and taking advantage of the wonderful communication tool such as email.

Definitely, Hotmail offers an incredible amount of services, of excellent quality, where every detail is well thought out; So it is not surprising that it has been so popular for more than two decades.

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